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Therapy helps individuals believe that they have the capacity to act towards achieving their desired future and develop a deeper insight into the purpose of life. 

Therapeutic interventions at Carpediem are aimed at complete understanding and acceptance of the concern, relieve emotional pain or lessen the confusion, establish effective coping mechanisms, foster a realistic understanding of the past and look forward to the future to come.

Our certified professionals provide a confidential and non-judgemental environment, aiding individuals to unwind thoughts that lead to a positive outcome.

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Answering FAQ: Therapy

How do I know if I need to consult a therapist ?

There are many reasons you might want to consult a therapist. Anything from difficulty in concentrating, trouble sleeping, stress, relationship difficulties to anxiety, depression, and trauma are just some of the reasons people commonly seek help.

When the pattern of your behaviour is affecting your personal, professional, and social life.

Will anyone know that I consult a therapist ?

At Carpediem your concern is always confidential, and your therapist will follow strict ethical codes. Your therapist may only breach confidentiality if there is a safety concern—as in the cases of children/minors or a serious threat to life.

What happens in a therapy session ?

Therapists don't prescribe medication, instead, they focus on therapeutic approaches engaging in activities, self-reflection, and introspection. Your therapy depends on your individual needs and goals.

How many sessions are required to overcome my concerns ?

At Carpediem the therapist will decide the number of sessions depending on the severity of concerns and the type of therapeutic intervention you're receiving.

Is counseling and psychotherapy the same ?

In counselling, the counsellor can decide to use multiple approaches to address the concerns of the clients. Whereas, psychotherapy is when a therapist has expertise in a specialized approach for instance CBT, REBT, ABA, and TA.( to know more visit our Psychotherapy page)

Is online therapy effective ?

Online therapy at Carpediem is definitely an option as the quality standards are the same as face-to-face therapy. The only difference is the mode of delivery.

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