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Carpediem believes in the life cycle of professional development. Inspired by the multiple models of Professional Development we understand that you can be at any of the following stages in your career today.

Understanding that every professional may or may not follow each stage of the model, some may skip or follow a unique order through their career journey.  Therefore, recognizing the requirements at each stage of your career Carpediem has designed and curated Training Programs and E-learning Courses to suit each of these stages.

Training Programs and E-learning Courses will benefit :

Educators, School Administrators, Special Educators, School Counsellors, Shadow Teachers / Caregivers / Learning Support Professionals, Allied Health Professionals, Psychologists, Psychology & Education Major Students, Parents, Social Work Professionals and Corporates.

Through our multifaceted capacity-building programs you can upskill yourself or your teams/ staff so they can get the best out of the continuous professional development. We aim to offer professional development opportunities to individuals to support them from preparation to execution and continuing evaluations. The learning experience will add value to work and participants receive oriented training to bridge the gap between educational degrees and subsequent workforce environment.

Our capacity-building initiatives are built on advanced information management and adult learning values.

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