The Special Education Needs Program - Adhyāpana uses a holistic approach in catering to the needs of our students.

Our programs have the following major components:

Academic Scaffolding:  Intensive instruction in language,  mathematics, and concepts based on the needs of each child in order to bridge learning gaps.

Learning Enhancement Program: Develop study & organizational skills in order to improve overall performance.

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Answering Faq: Special Education Programs

Q. How does this program help my child?

A qualified special educator designs an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for each enrolled child which is designed keeping in mind the specific needs of the child. Regular sessions are scheduled thereafter with the child on a weekly basis for a pre-decided period of time.

Q. What is the duration of this program?

The duration of the special education needs program is contingent on every child’s varying requirements. Typically, the child is required to attend a session (offline/online) twice or thrice a week for as long as he or she is able to show significant improvement and able to cope with regular curriculum requirements.

Q. Can Carpediem help me if my child has other needs like occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other such needs?

At Carpediem we believe it's critical to offer collaborative mental health care and therefore we have qualified allied therapists, with whom we collaborate and offer holistic programs.

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