We at Carpediem believe that those in the corporate world are facing a surge of emotions with the pandemic settling in. Research states 62% of employees globally have witnessed challenges during the last year.

Thus, it is imperative for corporates to focus on the mental well-being of their employees. Recognising the increasing need we offer the following services:

  • Mental Well-being Awareness Programs: Regular & comprehensive programs customised and curated as per needs of each corporate organisation to cater to the needs of all employees & their families. Programs will include programs for self-care, managing inter & intrapersonal relationships and overall well-being of the corporate organisation. 
  • Mental Well-being Interventions: Consultation for setting up environments that foster diversity at the workplace, including mentoring Mental Health Ambassadors. Carpediem can also provide therapeutic intervention service for individuals and groups within the corporate organisation.
  • Capacity Building for Mental Well-being: Carpediem offers soft-skills training, workshops & webinars for employees and their families on well-being, special education needs and parenting. 


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