Welcome to Carpediem

Carpediem is an organization founded and led by women with a vision to destigmatize mental well-being. Acceptance for all is key to Carpediem, inspiring it to design services that cater to the needs of individuals across the age span and stakeholders involved. Services include : Assessments, Therapeutic Intervention, Capacity Building, Special Education Needs and Thought Leadership & Consultancy. The team comprises certified professionals and qualified experts. Its capacity building wing features a myriad of training programs and courses to help people upskill themselves in the Education and Mental Well-being space.


Our Brand Story

We are not just a product of what happened to us,
But we have fought to become who we are.
- Inspired by Carl Jung

We are four women with a diverse set of skills, experience and expertise. Despite being based in different geographical regions, we have come together and are driven by a common purpose of extending mental well-being. Our objective is to destigmatize mental health, create awareness and make mental well-being and care accessible for everyone in society. We work towards striking the perfect balance between taking a holistic approach to mental healthcare and catering to the specific needs of individuals. We leverage active research and client feedback for the continuous improvement of quality.

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