At Carpediem, we have identified the need for continuous professional development to stay updated with current research and strategies in the areas of education, psychology and mental well-being. Taking a course will help individuals or groups integrate theory and experience to improve expertise in areas critical to work. Enrolling in our courses will support the adoption of updated and innovative best practices. 

Courses at Carpediem are designed to support the range of learning from developing awareness to in-depth understanding in a given domain area. We offer the following course types: 

  • Elementary Courses - Uni-modular video-based courses

  • Intermediate Courses -Comprises of 3-5 modules with extra reading/ access to videos from experts (if applicable) 

  • Professional Courses -Comprises of 2-3 modules inclusive of internship/ practical exposure

Add an e-learning course that suits your requirements to the cart and get started with your professional development journey today! 

Request for a callback in the contact-us section for group inquiries. 

Mental Well-being Inspired Courses

 Each course is comprised of self-learning module/s that equip and support mental well-being for self and others.

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Education Inspired Courses

Courses curated from elementary to professional handle micro-teaching to real-world applications of core educational concepts.

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Psychology Inspired Courses

Courses designed to cover practical applications of psychology/ allied fields to bridge the learning gap between classroom and work.

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