Celebrating women everyday

  • Mar 06, 2023

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform”

 – Diane Mariechild. 

It’s that time of the year again when women are celebrated worldwide but sadly the show lasts only for a day. What the world overlooks is that women need to be celebrated every day for not only who she is but also for everything that she does, but they never get noticed for it.

For ages women have either been neglected or completely ignored by society, expecting them to act and behave in a particular way. When women did not meet the societal standard they were termed as ‘loud’, ‘ill-mannered’ and ‘uncultured’ but is that all there is to being a woman? Determining things just by the way she talks and presents herself? A woman is a reason for the emergence of life. She nurtures, cares and protects her ménage which in itself is a great responsibility, along with managing her household. Sometimes she also chooses to work outside contributing to the family’s finances. Yet, with all these qualities and contributions women are still considered weak, incapable and fragile. In most societies, women are expected to make all the sacrifices and adjustments without even being asked for their opinion. Discrimination against women is still high be it in the workplace, society or even in their own homes. So how does this justify celebrating her on one special day in a year? Praising her achievements on a particular day, pampering her with gifts and charms, and accommodating her just for a day aren’t enough. Focus on her mental well-being, ask her if she is happy with the life she is living. If not, what can you do to change it? Lend a helping hand whenever she needs it and not just when you feel like it. Research says most women lack nutrition that’s necessary for a healthy body. They tend to lose more lean muscle mass over time due to age and childbearing. Women are also at a higher risk of anemia, osteoporosis and other nutritional deficiencies. Ensure that she never skips a meal as this will help maintain her energy level throughout the day. With so much happening around them, most women do not have the luxury of spending some alone time. Stress and anxiety also drain her energy, hence accommodating her to make time for herself by exercising, listening to music or even talking to friends, this could be a blessing to her. Most of all they only need your understanding, a little support, wide respect and the recognition they deserve.

Women! They are strong and hardworking, they look out for you, inspire and empower you. They are the ones who make sure that your life is running smoothly and steadily without any glitches. Hence, it is only fair that you celebrate them not just on one day but every single day, throughout their lifetime and throughout yours.

Contributed by Clarin Simon Brown

Mental Health Practitioner, Carpediem EdPsych Consultancy LLP

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